Feminist candles from a feminist candle company

Feminist candles from a feminist candle company

Our company was women-founded by two single moms who found something they loved doing.

That something that allowed them to work while being great mothers and around busy schedules was making candles.

So, we have an extra appreciation for the hard-working women in our lives and community, we believe in lifting women up, highlighting the accomplishment and progress of women, and standing up for the rights of all women.

For this reason, we launched feminist icon candles, our Powerful Women line and other various timely feminist candles.

Feminist Candles of Powerful Women Icons or burning the patriarchy candles. Have timely, based, artwork and sayings candles or give one to someone like minded you care about. or someone not like minded because that would be funny.

From a Ruth Bader Ginsburg candle to a burning the patriarchy candle you'll surely satisfy your distain of the patriarchy. Our Powerful Women line is also refillable so you can have scented beeswax candles in any scent without buying a new candle.

Click here to check out all of our feminist candles.

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