Aesthetic Burning Candle, Valentines Day Candle with saying going to therapy. Cute candle size.

Limited Time Valentine's Day Candles

Showing off our NEW Valentine's Day Candle Collection!

Our valentine candle idea for the collection is a different approach than the traditional, boring, cliche valentine's day gift. 

If you're looking to give a truly unique gift to your significant other or just a friend this Valentines be sure to check out our full collection, we have a variety of different sayings in our cute candle and perfect candle sizes!

Cute Candles: 

Our cute candles in this collection come in our scent “constructive criticism” and smells like coconut + créme. 

valentine / breaking the cycle 

constructive criticism / coconut + creme


valentine / not texting an ex

constructive criticism / coconut + creme


valentine / raising our standards

constructive criticism / coconut + creme


valentine / going to therapy

constructive criticism / coconut + creme


Perfect Candles:

The aesthetic candles that make up our perfect size come in our scent “love language” and smells like white chocolate + raspberry.

Even better, our perfect size candles are refillable so these gifts can last forever and can be any scent on our scent guide.

valentine / cool cat lady 

love language / white chocolate + raspberry

valentine / adopting dogs

love language / white chocolate + raspberry

There are plenty candles meant to be gifts on our site that are not here in this blog post that would make a fantastic gift. Be sure to check our site before you pick out the perfect Valentine's day gift for whomever its for.


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