Using scented candles to boost productivity

Using scented candles to boost productivity

How to use candles to boost your productivity

How scent affects you and your mood

Smell is the strongest of the five senses, The molecules that make up the scents you smell activates your olfactory nerve cells and activates the emotional part of your brain.
Smell have been linked to irritation, stress, depression, happiness, relaxation, and stimulation. Basically, smell can a significant ability to affect all your emotions. For these reasons scents can boost your attention and ability to think.

A study has stated that scent can boost your mood up to 40%, since your mood it can be used to boost productivity, reduce stress, and many other benefits.

These benefits of good scents can be conscious of subconscious.

How can candles help me be more productive

Being in a good mood can help boost productivity by 10%, while also lowering your stress levels and improving your ability think.

By using scent to improve your mood and relax you. It can help you work longer without feeling fatigued, be more productive with your time, and potentially improve the quality of work.

However, there is a catch one important thing to note if you’d like to start using scented candles to boost productivity, your brain connects smells to memories or tasks it smells when they happen. So, it is a practice that must be done multiple times before it will work but continuing to do it will reinforce the connection as humans are creatures of habit.

Not everyone has the same nose, so it is best to find a scent you like and stick with it while you work!


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