candle wick trimmer, wick cutter

What is a wick trimmer and do I need one?

A candle wick trimmer is basically like fancy scissors made specifically to reach into the jar no matter how deep trim your wick. Unlike regular scissors, it collects to trimmings and ash, so it doesn’t fall into you candle wax.

A wick cutter/wick trimmer is by far the most useful candle accessory in any candle care kit and should be used every time before you burn, it may not be life or death, but it does good to your candle and will help it last longer, burn cleaner, and not be a fire hazard. A wick trimmer will your life easier, but it isn’t needed, even if you don’t have wick trimmers you should always trim your wick.

When candle wick trimming you should trim the wick to ¼ of an inch above the wax to get the best burn.

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