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SCENTED CARDS | fragrance testers

SCENTED CARDS | fragrance testers

You can't smell the candles online, which can make picking a scent hard even after reading our scent guide. Not to worry, try out and smell our candle scents for free with our a scented card for each of our each of our fragrances. You can smell our year-round and fall scents. We want you to be able to make an informed choice to get a candle that you love in your favorite scent. Again it's totally free and ships free so why not add it to your cart. 

Need Help picking your scent? Check out our scent guide!

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Want to learn how to get the best burn, properly take care of, and put in your candle refill? Check out our candle care page.

For answers to some frequently asked questions check out of FAQ page.

If you'd like to learn more about why refills are a good idea check out or blog post about refills.

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    We’re into selling you things you love; not tricking you into giving us money. So if you happen to get something that doesn’t seem right, or even just pick a scent you don’t love; we got you. We’ll switch it out or refund you like done and done.