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WAXtint : blush

Our bestselling THICKwax, made from only raw beeswax + avocado, sweet almond, rosehip, and coconut oils, now has pure mica color added to it. A moisture barrier, that’s good for your skin with buildable color for a subtle or saturated look. No fragrance but smells like sweet honey.

0.5 oz.

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scent guide

tea drinker . matcha + lemon

coffee drinker . espresso + caramel

detective . tobacco + plum

free spirit . palo santo + jasmine

mother earth . lilac + soil

introvert . oak moss + amber

lover . citrus + cedar

boss . lavender + sandalwood

mind reader . pineapple + sage

romantic . vanilla bean + saltwater

partner in crime . watermelon + aloe

sweetheart . lemon + sugarcane

inappropriate . grapefruit + mint

wanted . coconut milk + teakwood