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Hand-made artwork created for good vibes, because you should love what you see everyday. It’s just a classic truth with a feminist feel, and the perfect pop of pink for your room.

8x10 print with art board backing for durability and packaged up in compostable wrapping. Available alone or in an 11x14 white wood frame with mat, that comes ready to hang. We dig the second option cause who likes waiting once you buy something new?

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scent guide

tea drinker . matcha + lemon

coffee drinker . espresso + caramel

detective . tobacco + plum

free spirit . palo santo + jasmine

mother earth . lilac + soil

introvert . oak moss + amber

lover . citrus + cedar

boss . lavender + sandalwood

mind reader . pineapple + sage

romantic . vanilla bean + saltwater

partner in crime . watermelon + aloe

sweetheart . lemon + sugarcane

inappropriate . grapefruit + mint

wanted . coconut milk + teakwood