Being a candle maker was certainly not our life long dream. In fact it never was any kind of dream. Until three months ago, we’d never even given it a thought.

We came upon it by accident. What we were giving thought to, as people do in their thirties, is that we didn’t want our lives to be pushed into one direction just because we refused to push back, and we didn’t want to just do what “people do”. We wanted to be in control of our lives.

We wanted to make deliberate choices to do the things that made us happy. So we just started doing it.

It makes us happy to be able to work from home and spend (too much) time with our kids. It makes us happy to get to work everyday with each other. It makes us happy to use our skills and talents and have them be appreciated. It makes us happy to get to choose what we make and how we make it. It makes us happy when we kick a** and accomplish something we never thought we could. It makes us happy when we can stand back and feel so proud of things we’ve created, and it makes us so amazingly happy to see this contagious feeling starting to catch.