Before I became an infamous candle designer, my day job was “portrait photographer”. Now, my camera of choice is my phone and there’s nothing I love taking pictures of more than my real life. Before we get into the list, here’s some things I think you should always do.

Switch to portrait mode on your iphone. If you don’t have an iphone, get one.

Don’t set up photos, wait for photo moments to happen. This will normally be when you want to cry, or scream, or squeeze them up from the overload of love and cuteness. So before you react like the happiest mom ever, or have a mental breakdown, train yourself to think 🤔, “I should take a picture so I can remember this always.”

Learn to love the realness. Starting now, you are done with matching outfits. Yay! 🤗  You are now into self-picked-out outfits (maybe with stains), crazy hair, messy houses, dirty faces, and sometimes tears, mad looks, whatever. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here’s the guide. 6 types of photos I use the most. If you try them out share them with us please, using hashtag #h2hcrew 🙌🏻

1. The “Look Down on Them.”

If they’re laying down. Stand directly above and square up the image (iphone cameras aren’t in the middle of the phone, they’re at the top-left, so sometimes to get straight-on-picture you’ll need to tip the top of your phone towards them a little bit, and the left side away). Try this on sleepers, water floaters, and sunbathers.


2. The “Don’t Look Down on Them.”

To get in their world, get down on their level. For little kids you’ll usually be sitting on the floor, or for crawlers maybe even laying.



3. The “Show and Tell.”

Pay attention to the details, the action, the stuff instead of the faces. What are they doing? What’s important to them? What are they trying to show you? That’s what you want the picture of. It’s all part of the moment and they’ll love seeing it how you see it.



4. The “Paparazzi.”

Stand back and stay out of it. Creep on your kids without disrupting the scene. When there’s no chance of them holding still, or they’re just in their own world, capture it from a distance, without asking them to look, or saying a word. 👌🏻



5. The “Landscape Photographer.”

It’s not about the faces or the details, it’s about the place. Frame the pretty location as the star with the tiny humans in it.




6. The “Classic.”

Be direct. Never disregard the “look at me and smile.” It gets a bad rap, but there’s a right way to do it. First of all, surprise ‘em with it. A really quick “everybody stand over here and look at me!” If you take too long you lose ‘em and you lose the natural aspect of it. Next get them as close together as you can. You can say “everybody squeeze together really tight”, or “squeeze the person next to you.” This will of course result in funny faces, kids pushing kids over, fake strangulation, or too tight squeezes, but will give you the picture you want, which is one that shows real personalities.



Editing the photos is another whole thing that we’ll cover in another post. For now, if you have a photo you want printed on a candle, we’re happy to do the editing for you.👌🏻 



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