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tea drinker

It’s tea, but the good kind, the chai tea with honey and vanilla cream kind. The scent of honey already included in the raw beeswax it’s the not too sweet, sweet candle.


It’s the tobacco scented candle that you didn’t know you needed. An old pipe, worn leather, and rich cedar meets ripe sweet plum.


Our amber and oakmoss candle. It’s dark woods, in the rain, at dusk. It’s an earthy candle, like damp trees and pine resin and new growth. A gender neutral, season neutral, superstar.

free spirit

The “it” fragrance of the year; Palo Santo and patchouli give it a deep earthy spice, matched so perfectly with luxurious cashmere and vanilla musk.


This is the scent to gift. It’s calming lavender and sandalwood, with the clean scent of saltwater and barely there vanilla bean.

suck up

Sweet pear, berries, and citrus with a rose floral undertone. This is an amazing candle scent but even more amazing in our body spray IMO.


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over achiever

A must have. This is pure pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Cozy and spicy without the sugary overload.

rich man

Sorry food scented candle haters. We’ll never stop loving this maple and pecan. It’s better than anything that store in the mall has and the rich maple syrup is all fall.


Apple and sage are the perfect match. This is a fresh apple scent, not baked. It’s crisp and clean and complimented by naturally earthy garden sage.

girl scout

For the grown girl scouts; it’s camping in the woods, long burning fires and hot drinks. Forest pine, a hint of smokiness, and dark cocoa. The fall scent that’s more nature less sweetness.