Why do we add coconut oil to our beeswax candles?

Why do we add coconut oil to our beeswax candles?

 Coconut oil holds fragrance exceptionally well

While we strive to make the best beeswax candles, we also look to make the best scented candles.

The truth is, with beeswaxes exceptional benefits it is more difficult to scent than the other commonly used waxes. One of the reasons we add coconut oil is for its great ability to hold and throw fragrance giving off more scent quicker than if we didn’t add it to the beeswax.

Additionally, since it has a lower melting point than beeswax it slightly softens the wax and lowers the melting point. This does slightly lower its burn-time but since beeswax is the longest burning wax even being soften our candles last longer than our competitors.

The combination of coconut oil and beeswax allows you to get all the benefits of beeswax candles while getting amazing, scented aromas that have no problem making any room smell fantastic.

Does this make it burn less clean?

When coconut oil burns it releases no harmful chemicals, therefore you can get all the air-purifying capabilities of beeswax, the minimum amount of soot, and get increased scent throw without compromising your clean burning candle. In fact, the oil we use is safe and healthy to eat or cook with.

Coconut wax can be used on its own to make candles and is often mixed with soy candles and is another one of the cleanest burning candle waxes (the best being beeswax).

Is it still sustainable?

Coconuts are a completely renewable high-yield crop making them sustainable and efficient for farming! The two most sustainable waxes are beeswax and coconut wax so adding coconut oil does not affect the sustainability or the environmental impact of our candles so you can shop without worry!

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