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Candle Wick Trimmer

Candle Wick Trimmer

A candle wick trimmer is the most useful accessory in any candle care kit. Use the wick cutter to trim the wick roughly a quarter inch above the wax before you burn to properly burn a candle at its longest burn time.

It’s like a satisfying end of a burnt up candle wick. You could pretend it’s a billionaire who’s exploiting the poor, or not, but seriously, after you burn your candle these are perfect to reach down into the jar and cut the wick down to the good stuff. Trimming your wick means it won’t get too heavy and tip to the side, and won’t leave piles of black, ashy stuff in your wax, plus they’re better then scissors because the yucky stuff doesn’t just fall in when you cut it. The wick trimmers are designed for it to fall on them instead. They’re so nice like that. 

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